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Our Proud adoptive parents photographs


This is Reggie residing in his armchair that Elaine allows him to watch the television in when he behaves which is not often at the moment as the landlord at the Hopping Hare is more than willing to allow him to keep running his bar bill up.


Here is a picture of Gwendoline who was adopted by Donna at the Del La Warr show she has settled in nicely and loves her rocking Horse


Here is a wonderful picture of Bryony Badger who was adopted at our Midhurst show by Donna as she is going on her travels soon she requested that Donna supply her with a copy of the delightful Anne of Green Gables.

received_211769833061974 (003).jpeg

Meghan sent us this picture after she arrived at her new residence after she had picked Donna as her new adoptive parent in the Stitch'n'Shenanigans Christmas giveaway. She is now ready for all the Christmas festivities  and has settled straight in with assisting the decorations as well as meeting and greeting all the members of her new family.

A couple who met us at the De La Warr show and fell in love with the antics that were taking place so much so that that they attended the Midhurst show and requested a commission. After a secret discussion for a surprise adoption we have Benedict who can now be seen regulary in the drivers cab of various Brighton Buses .


Here is the first picture of Luka who was a commission for Wendy. He is the cousin of 'Reggie' but thankfully young Luka is well behaved and very good natured compared to Reggie's Shenanigans. Upon meeting his new adoptive parents Luka jumped straight into Wendy’s arms and was promptly introduced to the surrounding neighbours.

After all this excitement he settled down in the garden with a fresh cup of Dandelion tea. 


This is the picture that was sent to us by Montagues adoptive Mummy after falling for his charms at the Michelham Priory show.

He was boasting of his prowess behind the wheelmas wellas allthe races that he had won

Thankfully he drove very sedatly on the way to his new house.


Here is Chloe looking very comfortable with her new adoptive parents who came into the Sussex Guild Shop  after Debbie (Chloe's new Mummy) had spotted her on a previous visit.


We have been sent this picture of lucky Imogen Mouse who is on her holidays with her adoptive family. She was certainly enjoying the hospitality


The 3 pictures above were sent to us by the lovely lady from No52 who after discussing with Joshua and Jessica Mouse as well as Razz the cat arranged the adoption of Hannah Hare, Connor Fox, Tansy Bunnie and Collectable Mouse.

The have all made themselves at home and are embarking upon many adventures. 

DSCF5863 %282%29.JPG

This lovely picture was sent to us by Graham and Sue after Blossom Mouse was added to their collection of adopted creatures.

She has settled in straight away and is enjoying her new surroundings.


We received this picture after Noah had completed his trans-Atlantic journey which culminated in his adoption with a lovely lady in Arizona. Even though it is incredibly hot he wanted to keep his coat on as he explored his new home and garden.


The above picture have arrived to us from a wonderful lady who adopted miniature hedgehog and miniature Badger. They have moved into her sons room where they have pride of place with their own tent.

Simon Hare.jpg

Here is Simon Hare in his new garden in Wiltshire Simon was adopted via the Homelink auction. This picture was sent to us which showed him helping to collect the lovely apples growing in his new garden.


The above picture was sent to us by the lovely couple who adopted Benedict and Claude, They are getting somewhat concerned as up until now they have been incredibly helpful in the garden but now the weather has turned they have turned to mischief which included inspecting a loyalty card to which the balance reduced and the pair sank back to discuss further plans and adventures.


This picture arrived with us via a special carrier mouse who came armed with many thanks from Imogen as she lovingly holds her Christmas Mr Mousie. He was was adopted for her by her mother for her 21st Birthday.

When the creatures heard that it was Imogen's birthday a Peerie Person promptly jumped into the travel carrier and began singing happy Birthday.


This picture was sent to us by a lovely lady who has adopted many Stiutch'n'Shenanigans creatures and regularly contacts us with their exploits. In this picture Alice the land girl is heading off to the village farm shop to deliver freshly pulled carrots.


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