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Our Proud adoptive parents photographs

Hello to Humphrey who has joined the growing brood in this welcoming house, He has slotted straight in and made friends with all of his new smaller family members.


This is Dudley Hare who is letting the household know who he is and is pleased to have made the acquaintance of Keith the dog who between them believe they are in overall charge.


Say hello to Lucinda and Ned, this bashful couple were adopted at a recent show and are now living with Millicent hoglet who was adopted last year.


OH Wow will you look at Miss Sunshine and Miss Henshaw two genteel Hares who have been adopted and promptly asked for their picture to be taken. They are now living close to the sea with their new friends Willow and Dylan.


Warwick Hare was adopted near to the end of last year and settled straight in but as Valentines day was approaching he plucked up the courage to ask Melissa Hare to come over for afternoon tea, They  do make a wonderful couple

This blushing wedding couple were a commission for a special day. They both had a wonderful day with the bride and groom.


Dudley Hare was adopted at the Standen House show by a lady who totally fell in love with him, she said to us that he will be very loved in his new home which houses numerous Hares. He looks very happy with his vantage point as well as a new friend to chat with.


Silas and Eva were waiting at the gate to welcome Daphne to her new adopted home.


Silas was feeling a bit outnumbered before the arrival of his new friend Harold.

The word is this is a very musical family, and a new band could be on the horizon.


Demelsa Squirrel was adopted at the Standen House show by a lovely couple who have a growing family, we received these gorgeous pictures of her settling straight in


As can be seen Elisa and Byron have settled in very comfortable to their new home, She is very comfortable with her Hare cushion that has been kindly provided by her new adoptive parents.


Lyndon Hare was a special commission from a lovely lady who contacted me to enquire about the possibility of any of my creatures being proficient skiers. Lyndon appeared with his ski's and vintage knitwear, we arranged for completion of the appropriate paperwork for him to emigrate which soon had him winging his way to Switzerland were he promptly took up residence in his new home and very comfortable he looks too!


Terence Toad was spotted by a lovely lady as he was basking by his personal pond in the secret garden, he was quickly adopted and has settled in with the other Stitch'n'Shenanigan creatures that happily reside in his new residence.

he has been introduced to his new family and is now happily being cared for by Albie.


This lovely display was sent to Stitch'n'Shenanigans HQ by a wonderful lady who has adopted many creatures, She had a lengthy discussion with Tansy Bunny about who should be welcomed to No 52 and together they decided on the new wall mounted drawer which the  collection who have settled in to straight away.

Textile (1).jpeg

Amber Hare sent this picture of her taking in the sea view in her new adoptive home.

She has told us that as much as she loves the countryside with all the tasty flowers she is very taken by the the sea air.


We were so pleased to receive this picture of a dear little miniature Hoglet who was adopted at the Sussex Guild Show at Pashley Manor, this little girls lovely adoptive parents have become good friends with Stitch'n'Shenanigans and have opened their home to a collection of creatures who are enjoying the sea views as well as very comfortable living.


Emmerline Hare has taken to her new home very quickly after bonding with a very loving couple, She sent this picture with a letter telling us how happy she was as well as being pampered.


Wendy sent this wonderful picture of her Christmas tree which is adorned  with Hares, Geese and Dogs that she has been collecting.


Billy Mouse was introduced to Podgy Penny on his arrival at his new home and promptly hit it off with her.


This picture was sent to us by the lovely who had already adopted Charles Hare and then decided he needed a friend, Upon meeting Lilian a instant friendship was started and both are incredibly happy in their new home.


Well what can I say this picture was sent to us after the Michelham Priory Sussex Guild show, you can see that Silas  and Eva have settled straight into their home  as well as claiming the peg rocking chair.

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