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Hello from De La Warr

Hello lovely peeps!!A big thank you to all of you who we met at The Sussex Guild show today, which was at the delightful setting of the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill East Sussex.

It was an incredibly busy day for all at Stitch'n'Shenanigans and a early start trying to get all of the woodland creatures together into the workshop minibus to transport them to the show. All was going well until Lady Lavina thought it would be fun to throw a ball for Bramble and Bracken, not a good move as complete chaos ensued with barking, squeaking, growling, yipping and snarling as everyone got involved. However thirty minutes later with all settled after much cajoling and tummy tickles to various badgers, foxes, hares and mice as well as two hyperactive dogs, calm was restored and with seat belts on off we all went.

We were a bit worried about how they may behave but thankfully they all behaved impeccably and enjoyed many cuddles from lots of lovely new friends, The weather was fantastic for the show with a brilliant attendance and we are all thoroughly looking forward to Sundays show with the exception of Gwendoline and Bracken who were adopted today and are now residing in their forever homes.

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