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Hello lovelies and Welcome to the first blog post of 2019 ... Happy New Year to you all .....

Right, where do I start ? Hmmmmm let me see .... Well really the first update has to be the Stitch’n’Shenanigans Christmas party. Thankfully the soirée went very well with a only a few minor hiccups, With all the invitations sent out and the RSVP's returned we had a good idea of who would and would not be attending so as we could get the catering organised. The catering was not as straight forward as we had first anticipated as we found that more than a few of attendees had changed their dietary requirements since their adoptions with highfalutin requests for Celeriac remoulade, Caramelised Turnip, Wild mushroom and Garlic Ravioli to name but a few, making the buffet arrangements more complicated than originally planned, but made for the menu for all the distinguished guests interesting ( there was of course the staple favourites of wild flowers, Cheese and mixed seed) With the cuisine sorted, we set about what drinks to get for the esteemed bunch which was where our first big surprise happened ....... Reggie, he of numerous drunken shenanigans and Felix's drinking partner as well as being a share holder of the Hopping Hare ale house, informed us that he is a reformed character and not another drop of Dandelion Wine or Himbeergeist Raspberry Brandy pass his lips !!! Well, as you can imagine we were completely shocked and sceptical that this may have been one his and Felix's scams that had been cooked up, but No ..... Elaine contacted us to relay that Reggie has had his head turned and is in the process of straightening his self out to win the affections of a Lady who is yet to be named (Watch the blog for further updates).

Moving back onto the Christmas party it was wonderful to spend time with the likes of Hugo Hare, Octavia Crow, Mrs Miggins, Darcy Hare and Violet Mouse to name but a few, with everyone in attendance drinks in paws it soon became apparent that word of Reggie’s reformation had got around which which had an effect on the vast majority of guests, who chose to support "the new Reggie" by abstaining from the Dandelion wine and Daisy & Lilac cocktails opting for the Gooseberry crush instead ,which turned out to be a new firm favourite amongst them.

This in turn led to the next hiccup of not enough drinks to go around which was looking to be quite disastrous for all, when in waltzed Tiger who soon had everyone’s attention with an incredibly loud two clawed whistle, as we all turned to see what all the Hoo-ha was about, in walked two of his trusted assistants, Lady Lavina Hare and Cleo the cat, each one carrying a large box of the Gooseberry refreshment that was going down a storm.

With order restored it was time for us to take a back seat and let everyone tuck into the buffet as old friendships were rekindled with lots of new ones being made. As the evening progressed we slipped into a lovely session of songs with everyone in fine voice as we were treated to renditions of The Christmas Mouse and Hark the Herald Hares sang ,the evening was brought to a close by a very noisy and raucous version of the Carol of the Bells (which was a sight and sound to behold)

Introducing Mr Timothy who was commissioned by a fellow member of the Sussex Guild as a Christmas present for her hubby.

He is dressed in Harris tweed houndstooth trousers with a boiled wool tail coat and just to stop the chills of winter he has a scarf handknitted in Stein Fine Wool from The Little Grey Sheep. Mr Timothy was incredibly excited to be going to his new home to meet his new adoptive family.

Coming soon will be the first pictures of a very special commission that I have undertaken for a lovely couple who I met at one of the Sussex Guild shows from last year. This commission could only start after the Stitch'n'Shenanigans workshop could once again magic itself back to how it was before all the Christmas festivities (we did leave some party string up though for the fun element)

With my head full 0f new designs my heart full of fresh beginnings, and my tummy full of mince pies (diet!!) I started on this special commission. He is a very flamboyant character who loves to be the centre of attention and he has told us that he really wants to travel and explore his new surroundings. I have also been busy with producing new members who will be greeting prospective adoptive parents at various shows with the Sussex Guild amongst others this year.

So peeps, time for me to leave you in peace now, hoping that you all had a wonderful Christmas (which seems like an age ago now!!) and wishing you a Prosperous year ahead, with plenty of Shenanigans!!!

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