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Its been snowing and cold it's time to hunker down with a cup of tea.

Hello lovelies,well we're nearly out of February and I have a few announcements to make.

It’s time to introduce the new creatures who have found their way to me all asking for me to help them find adoptive parents, we also have the first sight of Benedict Hare who is a special commission for a lovely couple from near to Brighton who were mentioned on the previous blog.

Above we have a collection of new creatures some of whom are available for adoption in the Stitch'n'Shenanigans shop, as you can see they are a varied bunch and more information can be found about them further along in this update.

Ready for his first public appearance here are the first pictures of Benedict who was commissioned by a lovely couple who met us at the De La Warr show and after a brainstorming design session the commission turned into a surprise commission for one half of this lovely couple. Benedict can now be found riding in the driver’s compartment of the Brighton training buses with his new Dad as he instructs the trainees on driving buses correctly and safely so without further ado say hello to Benedict who as you can see is a very colourful and flamboyant character.

We have also received some pictures of Benedict who is now appearing in the parents gallery.

Any commission that is requested is made after a full discussion of your requirements for your new addition and you are kept updated throughout the whole creative process.

Carrying on from the announcement at the start of this update please welcome some of the new creatures who have made their way from the secret garden to the Stitch'n'Shenanigans workshop. The workshop is now back in full production with the coming season of shows each day is bringing more colourful creations just like Niamh, Christophe and Kitty who would love to say hello to you.

I will keep you posted with some of the new and exciting creatures that are starting to appear in the Stitch'n'Shenanigans workshop as the secret garden blossom’s with lots of new arrivals.

That's all for this update lovely peeps here's hoping you are all warm and well until next bye bye.

.........................................STOP PRESS.....................................

A telegram has been recieved direct from the portal in the secret garden stating that a lady mouse who is of a much larger scale than young Kitty has been spotted making her way towards the path.

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