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Saying hello to the Sussex Guild new venue at Henfield

Hello lovelies, it's that time again for a little update of all things Stitch'n'Shenanigans.

As the weekend of the 22nd approached it was quite chaotic in the Stitch'n'Shenanigans workshop with various new creatures emerging from the secret garden all requesting their new outfits ready for the show. Things were progressing nicely until Dolly was adopted via a online interview, Dolly was incredible happy to be heading off to her new forever home with a short stopover with a lovely artist who requested her adoption for her friend.

With Dolly safely on her way I had to console a tearful Ambrose who was totally heartbroken to see the love of his life heading off, He was absolutely beside himself off his food,would not talk to anyone not even teasing Tiger the cat with his tail.

After spending many many hours with him trying to bring him out of his sadness we were both startled to hear a gentle tapping at the back door, we quickly went to investigate and were met by Imogen Mouse a gorgeous lady mouse of fine breeding and upbringing. the sparkle of electricity between these two was audible as Cupid flew by firing two arrows which found their target, almost immediately the smile appeared back onto Ambrose's face as they scurried off into the secret garden laughing talking and squealing.

With happiness restored a sense of relief was palpable in the workshop so as the preparations could continue for the show.

Thankfully we got everything back on track for the show and as the morning approached everyone was on their best behavior with all hands on deck loading the van tidying of whiskers as well as much preening of ears we were ready to set off.

With everyone loaded on we headed off to Henfield.

We arrived at the venue with time to spare and set about dressing the stand as well as taking all the creatures around to the other craftspeople there to say hello and help the little ones to settle their nerves, with the clock ticking towards the opening time we completed the display and were ready to greet the first of the many visitors who came to the show. It was especially pleasing to hear from many people who had not been to a Sussex Guild show before how amazed and impressed they were by the outstanding quality of varied crafts that was on display which was far better than they expected.

As the weekend progressed we met many existing friends of Stitch'n'Shenanigans as well as making many new friends.

The morning was moving along nicely before we noticed a group of people huddled around the corner of the Stitch'n'Shenanigans stand, we quickly headed over to see that Ambrose was mid dance putting on a show with Imogen he performed his dance repertoire and won many an admirer with his blushing lady friend trying desperately to calm his antics, it was whilst doing a back flip that he was spotted by lovely lady who had previously adopted Harrison Hare and just knew that Harrison would love to have a boisterous playmate ( I did see Imogen speaking to the lady to reassure her that she would not miss him and would enjoy the prospective peace and quiet) with all this going on as well as Eleanor and Arthur our new super elegant Hares about town gaining a lot of admiring comments it was not surprising that they were soon adopted as well as Candy the Dachshund who cast her spell at the Floral Fringe show and drew her new keeper back in with a series of gentle yips. It was also farewell to William Brock who after a lovely conversation on the merits of Badgers was adopted and has reported back to us that he is incredibly happy in his new abode as well as having a nice garden to snuffle in.

We also had some new Stitch'n'Shenanigans accessories that went down a storm such as the dog broaches and Thrush box frame pictures these are a new addition to Stitch'n'Shenanigans portfolio with many more being created ready for Sussex Guild Show at Michelham Priory.

All was going well with the weekend until Sunday morning when we went to leave to head to Henfield only to find the van sat on a flat tyre with time running out we decided to jump into Bertie the Stitch'n'Shenanigans little car who loves to help but is just that bit too small to squeeze all the paraphernalia for a full weekends show in, but never fear as James Mursell of The Windsor Workshop James who specializes in courses to build your own furniture came to our rescue and loaded the remaining creatures onto his Land rover at the end of the show with a promise to sing to them on the way back to his workshop he fed and watered them all and had Wally the dog stand guard over them for the night. All the creatures were more than happy when we collected them on Monday morning and once again a huge thank you to James.

Its new creature presentation time peeps after hearing a lot of commotion in the secret garden recently we were introduced to Norman who came tumbling (literally) out of the log store.

Once he regained his feet he quickly retreated back to the log store before being enticed out with a bowel of his favourite food for news had reached us of a very quick adoption request, he was very happy and excited about this but....... it was at this time that we found out he had his clutch of Hoglets which he requested we look after for him as he was off on his path to fulfil his life story!!

We are happy to report that all the Hoglets are happy well fed and playing in the secret garden with Jessica and Joshua Hare they are growing in confidence daily and looking forwards to meeting everyone at Michelham Priory.

That's all for this month folks hopefully we will see you at the next Sussex Guild Show which is at Michelham Priory and gardens This starts on Friday the 2nd of August and runs untill 5PM Sunday 4th August.

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