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The Sussex Guild show at Michelham Priory

Hello lovelies, it's that time again for a little update of all things Stitch'n'Shenanigans.

On the Weekend of the 2nd, 3rd & 4th of August we exhibited all the Stitch'n'Shenanigans creatures at Michelham Priory which is a wonderful tranquil setting for a Sussex Guild Show.

After a very busy set up on the Thursday afternoon it was back to Stitch'n'Shenanigans HQ to corral the various creatures from their exploits and shenanigans in the secret garden, This proved to be more difficult than originally envisioned due to to Montague the Fox (the latest addition to the expanding family) proving to be more like the late Terry Thomas than we had been led to believe! A gentle fox he may be with his clipped English and waxed whiskers but as for his character a complete bounder and cad.

For as soon as we rounded up 1 Hoglet and settled them the previous creature was seen to be scampering down the garden on a incredibly important errand for said Montague, this situation was soon spiralling out of control as Godfry the Hedgehog woke from his nap and started his blustering at all the Hoglets running around he was not best pleased and was heard muttering to his self about Hoglets being seen and not heard gruff gruff gruff.

The situation was saved when the Hoglets were enticed back in by some cleverly positioned treats, with them safely back indoors we could finish the preparations and head off to the show.

We had a thankfully uneventful journey to Michelham Priory other than enjoying the scenery as we headed East.

As soon as we arrived it was all hands to the pumps as the stand needed dressing and final fettling.

With the stand set up and everyone in place we were on the verge of opening when Montague had the brilliant idea of asking Stevie Stoat our new musical member to fire up his double bass for a session of Dixie Jazz, as Stevie was still jumping from a gig with his band The Stomping Stoats who appeared at the Hopping Hare Pub the previous night to a packed crowd and had the majority of the village swinging and jumping until the early hours, before heading back to get ready for today’s show, with a blur of stoat like fluidity his bass was up and primed with him providing the beat and rhythm for Stella Stoat (Stevie’s sister) very husky singing voice wafted around the barn as they started with Take five and progressed into a stripped down version of Creams Sunshine of your love which had the Hoglets providing backing vocals.

The beat provided too much for Jonny and Marilyn Mouse who leapt down from the top of the stand and broke into their renowned dance routine. The early visitors to the show were suitable impressed and enthralled by the impromptu display of musical shenanigans until Winifred Brock and Elsie Hedgehog needed to quieten down the hugely excited creatures as they had started to get a little out of control, it was at this point that we discovered Montague had slipped off from our view and was found upon the lap of a lovely lady who was being beguiled by tales of his (supposedly) heroic exploits and roguish charm.

As we tried to remove him mid tale (he was just explaining how he was fox royalty in hiding due to a revolt by the chickens from his kingdom) we found we were too late as his spell was cast he was adopted on the spot and was seen by many people being escorted around the show before being allowed to drive his new adoptive parents car home.

With Montague adopted the show moved into a more gentle flow with some wonderful people who came to see us many were returning adoptive parents who are now friends of Stitch'n'Shenanigans and are always a pleasure to meet up with as they regale us tales of what their adopted charges have been up to.

We arranged numerous adoptions throughout the weekend which included arranging immigration papers for 2 of the Hoglets as they jetted off to Barbados as well as Herbert the Hoglet who is enjoying life in the Channel Islands as a companion to a mother and daughter who fell head over heels for him.

There was a special adoption organised for Christmas watch this space for further details.

We are in the process of preparing for the Sussex Guild show at Pashley Manor on the August bank holiday weekend of the 24,25 &26th of August this is a spectacular setting with beautiful to explore as well as meeting the swans who are always peckish. We will be introducing some new members of the Stitch'n'Shenanigans family as well updating everyone with news of all the creatures exploits.

Until then take care peeps and try to keep dry bye for now xx

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