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whizzzzz where is this year going

Hello lovelies, it's that time again for a little update of all things Stitch'n'Shenanigans.

First of all apologies as its been a while since the last blog post but it has been incredibly busy in the Stitch’n’Shenanigans workshop with preparing for a glut of upcoming shows as well as appearing at Pashley manor on the boiling hot bank holiday weekend. We also had time for a surprise visit to Copenhagen which is such a beautiful country and quite inspirational.

First of all i have to report some very sad news on the evening of Friday the 27th of September Fido the cat who was the Chairman on the Stitch'n'Shenanigans board of directors went to sleep (one of his favourite pastimes) and crossed over the rainbow bridge, sleep well little man.

Right onwards and upwards first of all our report from Pashley Manor which was held on the bank holiday weekend of 24th of August, phew the sun surprised everyone by putting in a appearance and making up for the washout of the usual August bank holidays by baking everyone for the whole weekend, with the gates opened and the first of visitors to the show and the gardens coming into the marque we met a lovely lady who persuaded Jonny mouse that seeing as Marilyn was a fishing widow it would be fair and decent to allow her to move out from him (seeing as he is never there) with the response of "uh oh hmmmm yeah shhhh you will scare the fish" it was agreed that he would be happy with the proposal and Marilyn was overjoyed to have some company as well as new surroundings without bumping into fishing tackle!

We arranged adoptions for Imogen Mouse as well as Daniel Hoglet then as the weekend was starting to draw to a close a lady who fell under Hugh Hare's spell came running back in with her husband telling us that she had made it to the carpark before the spell activated and drew them back to the Stitch'n'Shenanigans stand where she was overjoyed to find him there waiting for her we promptly set about organising the adoption as both Hugh and her new adoptive parents were keen to become a family

Away from the show there have been some exciting new creatures who have appeared in the secret garden Such as Barnaby Hare who has joined us when Chloe came back from college he is a very foppish Hare as well as a very charming and polite young man. He dresses so smartly and is very proud of his grandfather’s pocket watch that he always carries with him. We also met very briefly Tamsin who came in and was promptly adopted she is now residing with the notorious Reggie who is in the process of trying to create a super group (as he calls it) with Stevie Stoat. Reggie has been heard saying to the creatures that live with him that he is the new Malcolm McLaren and will make them all famous as well as rich, Thankfully Mrs Miggins is aware of what he is up to and is in the process of trying to reign him in with his grand ideas without disheartening the musical dreams of all the creatures.

With the season heading towards Autumn it was time to start clearing the runner beans from the Stitch'n'Shenanigans vegetable patch as they are starting to get stringy so without further ado Barnaby Tamsin and Chloe leapt into action tearing up the path to the garden with giggles and squeals, before we could say anything the gate to vegetable patch was thrown open and in they charged they jumped onto the raised bed and proceeded to remove (as they put it) the runner beans with their support canes, it was more like the grime reaper with his scythe in there as beans and canes flew into the air before landing on the path.

Thankfully we arrived in time to rescue the remaining beef Tomatoes and golden raspberries as these were being eyed up by the trio for removal. It was not long after this that sanity was restored as the 3 eager gardeners collapsed into the wheel barrow exhausted and demanding Dandelion cordial for all their hard work.

Thats all for now peeps hope to see you at the Sussex Guild Contempory Craft Show at De LA warr in Bexhill on the weekend of the 19th & 20th of October.

Until then take care peeps bye for now xx

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