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SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH There be mice sleeping

Hello lovelies, it's that time again for a little update of all things Stitch'n'Shenanigans.

We have to tread very gently in the workshop at the moment as we have had some new members who appeared in the secret garden complete with their own beds!

They are very happy and soooooooooo very sleepy as they get themselves ready for Christmas. Come and meet them in person at the Sparkle Contemporary craft and food fair at the Landmark arts centre in Teddington.

Phew life is busy and the Stitch'n'Shenanigans workshop is in full production after the Sussex Guild show at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill which had numerous creatures being adopted over the weekend some to existing adoptive parents as well as new members to the growing family.

It was a very hectic and busy weekend with Saturday being incredibly busy, the footfall was quite amazing and was consistent all day which was a tad worrying with Jimmy Hoglet not being on his best behaviour as Mavis his Grandmother was quickly adopted and he was left in the care of Godfrey his grandfather. As has been previously reported Godfrey is not exactly child friendly and was suffering very badly after sneaking out the previous night for a quick snifter at the Hopping Hare where he has his own table. This turned into a full blown Friday night drink and sing along as several of his military friends happened to be in the village (More like a get together of the platoon from Dads Army) we next heard from the old sot at 5am the next morning( as did most of the village) with his full rendition of Nessun Dorma as he bounced his way off of the garden walls on his way back to base.

Upon opening the door we found him standing there with his bag of take- away slugs and his bluster at full volume muttering something about Brexit, the youth of today, and the cost of brandy, with that he sidled past us announcing he was going to bed and to call him in March. Meanwhile Jimmy who has a very naughty streak in him, took full advantage of his Grandmothers adoption convincing his older and better behaved sister Jenny that he just wanted to have a little look around and would only be 5 minutes. Jenny who had her paws full looking after a sleeping Godfrey and trying to quieten his snoring down told Jimmy not to go too far, not talk to strangers and most definitely not to go to the amusement arcades.

Off he poddled the boisterous young Hoglet only to be returned within 10 minutes by a very angry owner of the local amusement arcade telling us that Jimmy is barred for life from his establishment for repeatedly banging on the glass of the tuppenny falls, Jimmy stood there very shame faced and proclaimed how he met some older Hoglets that had convinced him to do it and promised to behave in future! We decided that seeing as his behaviour on the build up to the show had not been his best with numerous escapades during the week it would be best if he was confined to the Stitch'n'Shenanigans stand.

With all this going on we were met by some of our lovely returning followers in particular Jazz who regaled us with tales of Montague the foxes antics and exploits we had a lovely catch up as Jazz pondered upon Barnaby our new Hare and Georgina hare she was quite worried though for Montagues behaviour with a new Hare in the house could prove to be problematic, her fears were soon allayed after we informed her that Georgina and Montague had previous history with Montague being his usual rakish self around her which she repelled with a well-placed bite to his brush. With this knowledge the decision was made and Georgina was adopted and was soon heading off to remind Montague of who is boss and to pursue Jazz’s glasswork which you can see here.

As it is getting close to the festive season we gathered the Peerie folk to the top of the stand they soon had many admiring glances which led to prompt adoptions for the happy little folk and happy big folk

Winifred Brock was seen chatting to a lady for quite some time on Saturday and it was soon obvious that all things Badger were being discussed as well as Winifred asking to be moved from Jimmy who was doing his upmost to annoy her. The lady was really torn about her but chose to move on only to wake on Sunday and head straight back over to introduce her own Badger to Winifred to see if they would bond and get along, her fears were promptly dispelled as both Badgers became firm friends and a adoption was processed so as Winifred could escape Jimmy.

We have some new additions to the Stitch'nShenanigans family who will be appearing at the above mentioned show at Sparkle.



Thats all for this month folks hope to see you at Sparklet take care peeps bye for now xx

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