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It's getting a bit like Christmas

Hello lovelies, it's that time again for a little update of all things Stitch'n'Shenanigans.

What a year we have had with numerous shows in many wonderful locations not to mention all the lovely people who have come to see us some new some returning.

We have had so much fun this year with all the creatures and their adventures both with us and their adoptive families.

We were lucky to be accepted to appear at the Sparkle contemporary craft show at the Landmark arts centre in Teddington South West London. This was held in a refurbished church which was simply breath taking, we were introduced to a new audience who quickly warmed to the various creatures who had joined us for the weekend.

Autumn was very popular and was soon adopted for a very nice couples daughter who lives in Norfolk but the paper work needed changing as she beguiled the couple who decided that she was to live with them in Hampton Court.

Godfry (he of Brandy Nessun Dorma and various other misdemeanours) met his match when he decided to get into a debate with a very feisty lady who promptly put him in his place before adopting him so as they could discuss his behaviour over a very large brandy.

Moving on a quick report from the Sussex Guild Midhurst show which went very well for all members and thankfully the creatures on the Stitch'n'Shenanigans stand were reasonably well behaved which had a lot to do with Godfry being adopted as being very tired from all the mischief they got up to in playing hide and seek in the Landmark arts centre.

We had a wonderful catch up with Benedict Hares parents who bought him along to see us and regaled us with tales of his exploits as well as his assistance in helping Larrs with his bus driving lessons. It was wonderful to see him again especially as he turned up with his own special travelling sleeping bag.

We also had the pleasure of meeting the lovely lady who adopted Ivor Mouse and Bryony Badger at last year’s show, we were very pleased to hear that Ivor had completely settled in and Bryony Badger had completed her emigration to Canada complete with her copy of Anne of Green Gables.

The Christmas mice were on fine form and soon had a crowd around them with their gentle Carols that they performed with the Peerie folk providing backing vocals, this led to quick adoptions for our latest additions to the Stitch'n'Shenanigans family.

All of our shows are now completed for this year with our last show being held at Brendan Devitt-Spooner's workshop in Angmering West Sussex.

This was a collection of Sussex Guild members and special invited guests who displayed their respective crafts across the Mettle workshops and Brendan’s Joinery shop, we spent the weekend in the company of Brendan, Simon Groves, Debbie Timperley and John Platter who are all Guild members.

Much fun was had over the weekend with lots of festive and happy visitors as well as a very buoyant collection of creatures who when watched behaved impeccably but when not watched were all over Brendan’s joinery machinery with cries of what’s this button for and can we sand Kathy Hedgehogs spines!!!!

The picture below is a teaser for a very special commission which we received whilst at Brendan’s.

Watch for further updates on this venture.

News has reached us from afar that Imogen Mouse who now lives in Tasmania has well and truly settled in and is enjoying her new life so much so that she has been spotted in Fiji sunning herself as well as enjoying Pina Coladas

as can be seen below it is very heart-warming for all at Stitch'n'Shenanigans to see and hear of how loved our creatures are.

That’s all for this month folks hope you have a warm and wonderful Christmas with a fantastic new year we look forwards to seeing at next year’s shows until then take care peeps bye for now xx

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