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A Belated Happy New Year to you all

Hello lovelies, it's that time again for a little update of all things Stitch'n'Shenanigans.

Hello one and all my how the time is flying by it seems like only yesterday that I was wishing you all a happy Christmas and now here we are mid-February.

Many things have been happening in the Stitch'n'Shenanigans world with various adoptions as well as special commissions going off to their new homes.

First of all a big thankyou to the lovely lady from no 52 who came to see me at the Sussex Guild Midhurst show, whilst I was talking with this lady I did not realise that behind me a pair of cheeky mice were waving and calling to her. This led to a seed being planted. For unbeknown to me Joshua and Jessica mouse had swapped phone numbers with this lady and were in contact all over the Christmas period. This culminated in the total confirmation that they all wanted to live together as they had all bonded, so much so that just after Christmas we received a phone call from a very excited lady requesting a audience with mesmerising siblings.

I arranged a day to take them to no 52 and upon arriving it was obvious that the two mice would be very much at home in their new house, for as soon as we pulled up they both unclipped their seatbelts and bowelled up the front door to begin furiously knocking while announcing their arrival. As soon as the door was opened they hurled themselves into the lovely lady's arms which sealed any doubts that all would be happy.

As mentioned in the last blog I had recieved a order to create a special Hare for a fellow Sussex Guild member, The prospective (in all ways good luck we hope all is proceeding well) parents had given me their late grandfathers flat caps which were to used in the clothing of this special Hare.

Therefore with much thought and cups of tea I seated myself at the sewing machine to see what would appear, after a design brainstorming session with assistance and help from all the creatures in the workshop as well as Tiger and Cleo my resident hard working so so tired puss cats I would like to introduce to you Simons Hare ta ta ta daaaaaaaaah.

Early one morning as I was wandering through the secret garden getting inspiration I heard a pair of excited puppy’s yipping behind the bench, I started to explore to try to locate them' I soon found them or rather they found me as i was jumped upon by the excitable pair with lots of licks yips and a few ear nips (ouch) I managed to contain the boisterous pair and corral them into the kitchen for a snack as well as a proper meet and greet. I was informed that the spaniel pup is called Bensen and he was on his way to visit a special friend of his but had got lost on the way there, he was wondering which way to go when he bumped into Dotty a little Jack Russel who was making her way to see me she soon persuaded Bensen to come along as I may know where it is that he is heading. After talking to him I soon realised where it was that he trying to get to and placed a call to the couple that were waiting his arrival. I quickly organised transport for Bensen so as he could meet his new family, He was greeted by Scruffit who resides at this dwelling who was overjoyed to meet him as he had been getting worried by his late arrival. They are both now fully settled in and are enjoying daily walks as well as prime location on the sofa.

Last but but by no means least we waved a fond farewell and wished good luck to Helen my lovely elegant lady Hare who arrived via the train station after travelling to Pulborough on the Pullman special from Leveretshire,

She was sat in the workshop with me enjoying a cup of Dandelion tea as we discussed the soon to be announced 'pot' specials when we heard a tapping at the garden door before we could answer it the door was opened by Mrs Miggins who still has her key. With a call to say hello and the click of the kettle she was in and busying herself in the cake tin, Helen wandered into the kitchen to introduce herself and promptly sparked up a conversation with the aforementioned lady. it soon became obvious that the two girls had lots in common as the strolled around the secret garden admiring the snow drops that had flowered. They had been in the garden for several hours when Helen came back into the workshop to tell me she was going to see Mrs Miggins house as she had been invited there for supper.

I was just in the process of closing the workshop for the evening when the phone rang which Tiger sleepily answered with a yawn and a how may I help you? He then told me it was Helen and she was asking if she could live with Mrs Miggins as she had found her forever home. I spoke with Mrs Miggins parents who assured me that she was more than welcome to move in and hopefully she would be able to help set a further good example to Reggie!!

That’s all for this month folks hope you have a warm and wonderful Christmas with a fantastic new year we look forwards to seeing at next year’s shows until then take care peeps bye for now xx

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