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Phew what a weekend at De La Warr

Hello again lovely peeps I hope that you are well and relaxed on this misty Sunday evening, My My such a busy weekend with lots of new friends and many tales to tell such as the wonderful lady that I met yesterday who had the same love of wildlife that I do but which was not sadly shared by her hubby who was none too happy with the badgers snuffling around on his lawn and digging the occasional hole. She regaled me with how she gets up early and sneaks downstairs in her dressing gown to slip on her garden shoes and tip toe into the garden to refill brocks excavations to prevent hubby from blowing a gasket.

Anyway onto todays show, as we experienced on Saturday it was incredibly busy and we met lots of lovely new friends of Stitch'n'Shenanigans, All was going really well until the afternoon when Rosie Hare let me know that Reggie Hare had popped out for a 'hour' last night and came back in at 2.30 this morning bumping and stumbling everywhere apparently he had gone down to the Hopping Hare to see Ronnie his troublesome best friend!! Well after who knows how many glasses of Dandelion wine he finally stumbled his way back to Stitch'n'Shenanigans headquarters. We did wonder why he was so quiet today and put it down to tiredness from Saturdays show so when he found that Rosie had told of his drunken antics and that he had also run up a large bar bill he threw a huge hare hissy and kicked poor Rosie off of the step ladder she promptly responded by leaping back and boxing his ears before I could get between them to separate them. Rosie then ended up sitting happily on the chair that had been vacated by Vernon and Verity fox who had been adopted earlier in the day.

Thankfully after this there was no more upsets and we finished peacefully with waving good bye to Bramble the Dachshund and Hilda Hare who have als0 been adopted today. It's been such a busy weekend and we are now all settled at home and hopefully Rosie and Reggie have made up (fingers crossed) so we can have a good nights sleep without further shenanigans!!!!!

Bye for now keep safe lovely people.

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