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Lockdown update from the secret garden

Hello lovelies, it's that time again for a little update of all things Stitch'n'Shenanigans.

First of all big (socially distanced) hugs to you all out there and hope that you are all well and healthy in these troubled times.

It has been quite busy in the Secret garden and the workshop with numerous new creatures appearing and requesting adoption which has been very difficult to arrange but through perseverance and ingenuity they have been rehomed with some very loving family’s.

Lewis and Lucinda Mouse decided that they would like to renew their wedding vows to each other. This was to be a very small ceremony which was presided over by Connor the fox who acted as the stand- in Vicar with the resident garden Robin and Starling as witnesses.

As mentioned in the last update I have stories to tell about Heathcliffe Hare, As you can see from the picture below he is a rather portly chap who has a penchant for excessive consumption of not flowers and herbs as would be expected but Carrot cake! This was more than proved when I went back into the kitchen to make a cuppa and discovered that my carrot cake that I had made that morning had changed into a smattering of crumbs!! Fearing a burglar was on the prowl I started to retreat from the kitchen when out of the corner of my eye I spied Heathcliff slumped on the worktop with a very distended tummy, as I approached him I was serenaded by a fusillade of snores as well as an incriminating trail of crumbs along the worktop. I did make attempts to wake him gently by talking to him then gradually getting louder and louder ..... Tiger (him of the clipboard) wandered in offering his assistance, mischievously flexing his claws, but thankfully with a huge grunt Heathcliffe stirred himself and after a bit of a struggle (imagine a Weeble here if you can or remember them!!!), eventually got to his paws, patted his rotund tummy and hopped off....It later transpired that Connor Fox had bet him that he couldn't eat the entire carrot cake in one sitting!!! Needless to say after this I am much more careful and keep temptation in the cake tin with a very secure lid........(if only it worked for me too!!)

With all the constraints of the lockdown the creatures have been very good at trying to keep themselves occupied, we have had the keep fit circuits around the workshop, The creatures choir (that was painful), the box set binges, Tales of the Riverbank went down a particularly well, inspired by this Hannah Hare had the brilliant idea of organising a lockdown road trip, with the plan forming in her head of using a screen to show the rolling road and the singing birds in the secret garden she placed a call to Reggie to see if she could borrow his laptop computer to display the video of the road, he kindly agreed but did make her promise not to let the little ones loose on it, as last time they subscribed to the Hedgehogs Guide to Slug Recipes and the Funpat Peanut Butter Appreciation for Badgers Society.

The computer was transferred to the secret garden via a specially commissioned carrier cat before Hannah rallied everyone together into the secret garden with the promise of a road trip unlike any they had been on before. With much merriment everyone was squeezed in to the front and back baskets of her trike with the exception of Wilbur who jumped onto the crossbar for a better view. Then they were off down a country lane with the birds singing as well as excited mutterings from all that was aboard. To finish off the excursion Hannah had laid on lashings and lashings of Dandelion cordial for all to enjoy finishing the afternoon off a treat.

Over the weekend of May the 9th and 10th I was fortunate enough to be accepted to appear in the Country living pop up market. This was a very well organised event that was launched through Instagram and included many different aspects of crafts on display, The whole weekend went very well with various adoptions organised as well as many new friends to the Stitch'n'Shenanigans family . Sending all of you who visited, commented, and adopted, a big thank you.

Thats all for this update until next time, take care lovely peeps, stay well ...... Sending you all best wishes at this difficult time. xx

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