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Lovely weather Lovely surroundings Lovely people our weekend at Floral Fringe

Hello lovelies, it's that time again for a little update of all things Stitch'n'Shenanigans.

Over the weekend of June the 1st and 2nd we attended the Floral Fringe show at Amberley Working Museum,

this was our first appearance at the Floral Fringe and the first time that The Floral Fringe Fair had venued at Amberley as until now it had always been held in the delightful setting of Knepp Castle.

We were fortunate enough to secure a place in Humphreys Barn which was nice and cool for all the creatures who came along with us and they couldn't wait to say "Hello" to all sorts of people who dropped by, although the drumming did scare them initially. they soon settled down and even had a little jig.

The show itself displayed many different aspects of arts and crafts as well as a wonderful array of gorgeous smelling flowers and plants (most of the stall holders we had make apologies to due to various hares sneaking into their stands and eating their flowers). The show also prides itself on its vintage feel with a variety of sights and sounds, with the likes of Ichabod Steam and his amnitronic steam band to the Stix drummers there was something for everyone.

Just to add to this the working museum was open to all which showcased its many amazing and thought provoking (as well as memory provoking for some of us) exhibits.

Therefore as 10am approached we had all the creatures settled in to place with Joshua and Jessica having pride of place on their new bench seat, Jessica took it upon herself to calm the newer members and curtail the boisterous activity of the more excitable members of the Stitch'n'Shenanigans family.

10am arrived and the gates opened we were soon greeted by lots of very nice people, accompanied by the rhythmic Stix Drumming band, It was not long before the array of our cute creatures started their magic and attracted numerous happy smiley peeps to the stand. This set the tone for the weekend, as we arranged adoptions for Trixie Hare and Clarissa Chicken as well as others who found their new homes. We also unveiled our new range of box frame embroidered pictures which were very well received by all, we will be posting again very soon with more additions to this range, the frames have a linen backdrop which has been hand embroidered with scenes from our Secret Garden, as well some memories from our creatures travels.

All was going well with lovely blue skies on Saturday and a warm but overcast day on Sunday but this was to change as a kerfuffle and commotion took place at the Stitch'n'Shenanigans stand, as a one the remaining creatures leapt from the stand to perform a impromptu Jitter bug in the middle of the barn as the sounds of yesteryear echoed around the site, when the creatures finished their routine and headed back to the stand it transpired that Claude and Chloe had been giving everyone lessons on Saturday night after everyone had left as the final dress rehearsal, ready for their routine on Sunday.

It wasn't long before 5pm approached meaning it was time for the breakdown as well as trying to corral various creatures who had taken it upon themselves to fully explore the museum, we finally managed to get everyone together with promises of a outing to the to The Sussex Guild Show at Henfield on June the 22nd and 23rd.

Until then lovely peeps hoping to see you there.

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